•Q: where are You Based?

      A: We are happily based in FEZ, Morocco

 Q: How does shipping work?

      A: All packages are shipped for free. We shipped within four business days of payment, usually sooner.

Expedited shipping takes between 3-5 business days

–        we do not accept P.O. BOXES


If there are local taxes, customs duties or VAT at the destination, they will be paid by the buyer.

• Q: The tracking number for my order stopped updating, what happened? ‎

      A: If you are buying from outside of the U.S. (particularly in Canada), your country’s customs department may decide to hold your items at the border temporarily, often without explanation!

Note: Canada’s customs department takes a particularly long time to resolve these holds. This is relatively rare, but if your order is held up in customs, we suggest calling your country’s customs department directly and asking that they release your items immediately.

• Q: What if I need to return something?

      A: No worries! Contact us right away and we will help guide you through the process – we will send you a prepaid mailer to send the item back.

• Q: Can you customise a design?

A: You send us your request. We send it to our design department, which considers zellige’s limitations and generates a proposal, either from our collection or made specifically for you.

• Q: How do we contact you?

          Cupacto Crafts

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